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St. Mary's Parish Scholarship

St. Mary's Parish ScholarshipEligibility

To be eligible, students must fulfill BOTH reguirements 1 and 2.

  1. Must be either
    • a registered member of St. Mary's Parish, Glens Falls (registration forms available in church rectory) AND/OR
    • a graduate of St. Mary's/St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School.
  2. Must be enrolled as a student at an undergraduate college or vocational school in the upcoming Academic Year.

If Eligibility requirements are met and you wish to apply for scholarship, please follow instructions below.

Scholarship Application Instructions

For your application to be considered, all five components must be completed and received at St. Mary's Rectory by May 1st.

The mailing address is:
St. Mary's Rectory, c/o Scholarship Committee
62 Warren Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801

The five components of the application are:

  1. a copy of  ONLY pages one and two of the most recent Federal income tax return (Form 1040 or 1040A) of both parents. Please note that the copy of the tax return submitted to the Committee must include your signatures in the signature boxes. (If electronic PIN numbers appear in the signature boxes, please place your signature above the numbers.) Applications without handwritten signatures on the tax return submitted to the Committee will be considered incomplete.
  2. a copy of your current school transcript. High School seniors should request that their guidance counselor forward to St. Mary's Rectory an Official transcript, including class rank, but exclusive of IQ scores and standardized test forms. College students should submit their official college transcript, including all courses completed. Copies, faxes or electronically produced records will not be accepted.
  3. Personal Information Form
  4. Financial Information Form (Which must be signed by both parent(s) and student)
  5. Essay Form

Click on the form names above to access the form. Note that the form entries are not uploaded or submitted via the internet, so security regarding online entry is not a problem. Because the forms are not electronically submitted, however, the form must be printed before going to a different page. If the form is not printed before going to another page, then the data will be lost and unrecoverable.

When printing each form, please watch the FONT and make sure that the printed forms have a font that is at least size 12 or larger. Thank you.

For any students applying to attend Holy Cross College, there is also a scholarship fund available in the name of Monsignor Daniel F. Curtin. Please notify the rectory if you are interested in applying for this scholarship.


Scholarships will be awarded based on Financial Need, Academic Achievement and Service to home, community and Church.

Scholarships may be awarded for no more than four years of undergraduate education or two years of vocational education.

For your application to be considered, ALL form entries must be TYPED (eg - printed from the online forms). Handwritten responses wil not be accepted.

All components of the application must be received at St. Mary's Rectory by May 1st.

Note: the Personal Info Form, Financial Info Form and the Essay Forms may be completed online and printed to be mailed to the rectory. Alternatively, the forms may be picked up at the rectory to be completed on a Typewriter and mailed to the rectory.


St. Mary's Church would like to thank it's past benefactors whose generosity has established the following funds from which the scholarship is awarded: Foley-Burns Memorial Fund; Patrick Moynehan Memorial Fund; Raymond A. Balcom Scholarship Fund; the Elizabeth Sullivan Elementary Teacher's Fund and Sylvester T. Marzola Fund.